The El Bulli of Yeoville

El Bulli image.jpg

By Eve Fairbanks, The Mail & Guardian, February 15, 2013

Yeoville at night resembles a superheroes’ convention. Congolese and Zimbabwean men by the name of Orpheus, De Gaulle, Commander, and Mister Banks (“No first name,” that one told me, “just ‘Mister’ ”) take to the streets in outrageously pointy, white patent leather loafers, red suede pants with tassels, and full suits of luscious green silk. They all agree, though, that Sanza Sandile is the king of the Yeoville superheroes.

Sandile, an elfin South African chef, who owns 80 pairs of flamboyantly coloured socks, has a unique power in this diverse neighbourhood: the power of fusion. He operates a wildly exuberant pan-African “cookshop” out of a sliver of a storefront no bigger than a single-car garage, tucked between the Happy Day and Night Supermarket and a reggae bar. Read more ...