Malema Embraces His Inner Boer

Julius Malema image.jpg

By Eve Fairbanks, The Mail & Guardian, January 25, 2013

We were in the lap of luxury. Hushed waiters in silk vests padded around us, offering passion-fruit lemonade and rack of lamb; the noise of a rock fountain tinkled sweetly in through the open window; white table linens caressed our fingers; orchids wafted their warm vanilla-y scent from blown-glass decanters on every table. But Julius Malema was unhappy.

He has developed the disease familiar to every Karoo boertjie (farmer): the longing for die ou plaas (the old farm), unquenchable even in the loveliest of other places.

"Jo'burg is not my favourite place," he told me, toying forlornly with his white BlackBerry, which did not ring. "I like it on the farm. It's very nice. It's cool and quiet." He brightened. "On the farm, we sit under the tree there, and there is nobody to judge you. Fighting with workers the whole day: 'Hey! Do this!'" Read more ...