Modern Love: Romance, the Ultimate Souvenir

Modern Love image.jpg

By Eve Fairbanks, The New York Times

THIS summer, during a conference in Berlin, a fellow attendee told me about the kind of summer love that arises in his profession. He was a military officer who had been posted in Europe, and not infrequently a soldier would come back from a furlough in Croatia confessing he had fallen in love with a stripper. Not in lust, in love, the soldier would insist, and he wanted to marry her.

A fellow officer had developed a question to test the depth of a young man’s passion, though the officers still rolled their eyes at the idea that enduring love could be born in a pole-dancing joint in Dubrovnik. “Do you know her parents’ names?” he would ask his love-struck charge. “If not, you can’t marry her.” Read more ...